mEveMon is an API monitor for EVE Online. A good pod pilot knows that internet spaceships are serious business, and lost training time is almost as bad as getting popped and realizing you don't have an up-to-date skill clone. With mEveMon, you can check your skills with your Maemo device (N800 and N900 are fully supported) without being tethered to your computer.

mEveMon currently has support for the Character Sheet information available through the limited API key. We plan to expose as much of the API as is possible/practical on the Maemo platform (including full API key support for market orders and industry jobs).

Feature suggestions, bug reports, and code contributions are welcome.

Latest News

Fremantle (N900)

Fremantle Character list Fremantle About page Fremantle app menu Fremantle Character Sheet Fremantle New Account dialog Fremantle Settings page

Diablo (N800)

Diablo Character List Diablo Settings page Diablo Character Sheet Diablo Character Sheet (more)

The stable version of mEveMon can be installed from the Maemo Extras repository, and can be seen at downloads. If you wish to use the most up-to-date version, please follow the link below to download the source code from the git repository.

Please carefully read over current bugs and feature requests before submitting your own.